New Testament Foundations

Amount of Students: 0
Teacher: Peter Sylver, M.Div., J.D.
Released: 2014-10-27 15:11:42
Level: Beginner

Lesson Release: One lesson per week
Certificate: Finish all lessons and pass final exam
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Based on the assumption that the New Testament lies at the heart of theological

education, this course is designed to help students with no previous background to

lay exegetical and theological foundations for their seminary education.


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Peter Sylver, M.Div., J.D.

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• Luke T. Johnson, The Writings of the New Testament, revised edition.

• Sze-kar Wan, Power in Weakness.

Choose one of the following:

• Bart Ehrman, A Historical Introduction to the Early Christian Writings.

• Carl R. Holladay, A Critical Introduction to the New Testament.